Small Business

Our Business Is to Support Yours.

All of our clients are successful at doing what they do which means there is little to no time left for maintaining and maximizing employee benefits and corporate profits. Genereux Investments Management, Inc. works to find customized solutions for small business retirement plans as well as educate your workforce on seeing these options as true benefits. We also can coordinate all financial assets and options to optimize your interests as the owner. We fully commit ourselves to your financial prosperity and wealth management.


We Collaborate With Your Team.

At Genereux Investments Management, Inc. we know small business owners balance relationships with many employee benefit providers to ensure their employees’ interests are being met. We will be your quarterback overseeing the entire process. Genereux Investments Management, Inc. collaborates with outside experts and any investment advising team you’ve built.

You’re Still The Boss.

Genereux Investments Management Inc.’s client portal takes a revolutionary approach at providing direct access to your small business’ complete financial picture. It lets you manage and track your goals, assets and reports to see a complete financial summary of all your accounts and assets. You can control the permissions and access level of your financial team so they can also view your statements and documents.


Need a business partner your organization can depend on?