Comprehensible Investment Solutions for Growth.

Many of our foundation clients come to us after years of being unsatisfied by advisors who lack specialized knowledge or the necessary tools to handle their unique investment funds. Genereux Investments Management, Inc. understands the importance of being good financial stewards and shares the desire of seeing your foundation exceed longevity goals.


Your Cause Is Our Cause.

After the usual request for proposal process, Genereux Investments Management, Inc. takes a great deal of time learning the culture of your board, including preferred means of communication, risk tolerance and schedules through in-depth discussion with members. We then collaborate with your team to develop an investment policy statement, and works to implement a timetable (biannually, quarterly, etc.) and structure for presenting a financial overview and status to your board of directors. Our goal is to bring you comprehensive investment solutions that make the process easier and more manageable for your team.

Optimal Confidentiality.

We also understand that coordinating resources can present a challenge to any client. That’s why we let you, as fiduciaries, aptly manage and track your goals, assets and reports via our client portal. This site gives you and your team a constantly updated financial summary of all accounts and assets. Your team of providers can be granted the level of access you desire for optimal confidentiality.


Ready to exceed your foundations longevity goals?