Working with Genereux Investments Management, Inc.

Getting To Know You
We Analyze Your Goals

Through extensive data collection and interviews, we determine investment objectives important to you. We analyze the information to gain a comprehensive perspective of your financial position and outlook, then define parameters like income requirements, capital preservation goals, risk tolerance and any other constraints that may be future obstacles.

Formalize The Plan

We use our understanding of you and your goals to formulate a personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This individualized tactical plan will provide guidance for all future investment decisions and actions. Financial management is more art than a science, and what works for one client won’t work for all. That’s why we make our approach as unique as you and your story.

Implementing The Strategy

We operate with prudence and due diligence to choose investment vehicles appropriate for your portfolio size and IPS parameters. We believe in a statistical approach to diversification among asset classes and management styles. We seek the highest level of performances with an appropriate balance of risk and return. 

Assess & Regroup

We work with your team of outside professionals (e.g., attorneys, tax accountants, insurance brokers) or even help build a team to fit your specific needs. We ensure each and every phase of your individual financial plan is implemented with precision in such a way that we can monitor the plan’s future progress.

Grow With You
Monitoring & Reporting

Genereux Investments Management, Inc. takes a proactive approach to reporting, meeting with you to review current performance, discuss your changing objectives, highlight pertinent issues and make asset recommendations.

We ensure performance goals are continuously met by monitoring the asset allocation and risk parameters of your total portfolio. Each quarter we provide our clients an in-depth portfolio analysis, customized to clearly communicate all account information in a consolidated manner. That way, your finances live with you, adjusting to the growth in your life.


Does Genereux Investments Management, Inc. work for your life?